Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bee's are busy and so am I

Yesterday was a super productive day.  It began with a quick lesson, how to open my multi fold ladder that I got for Christmas, to rescue the cat from the rooftop, in my pajamas pre coffee. 
I  got into some jobs I had planned, before the weather got too warm.  
These are the things I got done...eeeeeeeppp, I am a little bit happy about it too!!!!

  1. Using my other new toy, an excellent Ryobi sander - sanded 2 tabletops.
  2. Painted table legs and chair.
  3. De-liced M's 2 chooks with help from Jack (picture this, screeching, ruffled feathers and running away, that was me!!!!)Chickens are great really-just a wee bit scary
  4. Cut down the enormous mutant super weed that keeps growing in our backyard. I gave the left over bit a drink of chook friendly poison
  5. Acquired a super cute green sewing machine she's a Singer and I've named her Sage. Pics to come
  6. Oiled the tabletops  
  7. Cleaned up my painting, sanding mess,finished rearranging and positioned things nicely.
  8. Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning.

Got all squeaky clean with a shower, made a pot of tea, relaxed watching tennis with my love.............The End! 
                                                                            Tired but happy xx


  1. Boy, you got alot done!
    I have no idea why ive never thought to name my sewing machine?!


  2. I know hey, once I get an idea or feel compelled to act on one, I'm a force to be reckoned with!! The rest of the time I'm pretty chilled though. You go girl.. give that sewing machine its own identity!