Tuesday, January 18, 2011

10 things about Miss 11

This girl is gutsy, she is the baby of our 3, who never ceases to amaze me with her maturity and caring nature.
  1. My sweet girl is headstrong - once her mind is made up that's the end of discussion
  2. She is so creative, she paints, draws, sews and makes interesting stuff
  3. Resilience is something she has really developed and displayed in 2010
  4. She is a great little cook & makes the yummiest Anzac biscuits ever!
  5. Caring for animals is her passion and she has very happy pets
  6. She has a great sense of self - she knows what clothes and colours make her feel best
  7. Thoughtfulness is a great attribute and this girl picks flowers to cheer you up
  8. Fire brigade has her full commitment - she put her hand up to be Madam Secretary
  9. Her physical strength is awesome and she helps me move furniture with ease!
  10. She makes a bed like an Army drill Sargent- I mean you could bounce a coin on it.....

Monday, January 17, 2011

Oh my Darlin!

This is my beautiful girl Clementine. She has moved into our back garden and I can barely contain my excitement!  I can't wait to give her the love she so rightly deserves, a clean, new ply, lots of no more gaps and some soft furnishings that are easy on the eye and I have my very own studio...YAY!!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

2011- Does it really have to be called "The Year of the Rabbit?"

Look at that! How quickly did Christmas and New Year roll around? It felt like a whirlwind blew through. So much so, that I can't bring myself to take the Christmas tree down yet.
Let's get on to The Year of the Rabbit. During the Christmas blur, M,14, 13, 11 &  I were having a BBQ with the NT friends. There was a rather traumatic incident with our friends big dog and our pet Rabbits. Score being Dog 1, Rabbit 0. So there is a slight painful association with the Chinese Year of the Rabbit at ours.However,
we have enjoyed a lovely time catching up with family and friends over the festive season.

These things were awesome:
  •  A visit here 
  •  Celebrating my sister's birthday
  •  Cousins sleep over
  •  Romantic 2 day child-free getaway to Melbourne
  •  Exploring Piper St, Kyneton (ah child- freeee!)
  •  AWESOME presents ( I DID get Pip's new book,thanks to Fine & Sunny
  •  Time to myself to begin an embroidery project from my book 
  •  Beautiful food and wine
  •  Finding a gorgeous pair of shoes here that fit my big    feet YAY!
  •  Painting at Caledonia St (I made a great team leader)
  •  Driving home with 14 as my DJ, the same Hip Hop song 16 times made us laugh alot
So I guess The Year of the Rabbit isn't so bad after all......