Friday, February 26, 2010

Buried Treasure

During a recent hunt through my own possessions, I unearthed these little bunch of beauties. These were inside a sewing basket purchased some time ago which had a paper bag of random buttons inside. I sifted through the paper bag for possibilities and viola!
The largest buttons were stitched onto a round cushion that I had put in the linen press as it needed embellishing before it was deemed fit to be on display. The lovely little white cushion is now sitting pretty on my bed. Honestly I need to shop in my own stashes more often!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Camera

Christmas day 2009 was one that I was a little reluctant about, to say the least. This was the first Christmas day that I would not have the kids around, which made me want to avoid the world for fear of falling to bits. I booked myself in to work Christmas eve with my shift finishing at 7am. I simply wanted to sleep through the majority of the day to make it easier.
I had not made any firm plans for lunch or dinner despite offers aplenty. Sorted!
Then disaster! My shift was cancelled last minute ruining my master plan.
M and I went to our Christmas drinks and then spent a relaxing evening at home... just the two of us. I was secretly wondering how the following day would pan out now. 
When we woke on Christmas morning we had a leisurely breakfast and slowly opened presents. I have to admit I love looking at un-opened presents, it apeals to my inner child so much so that I don't want to open them as the surprise will be gone. I savoured each parcel taking my time. When I opened this particular gift I was stunned.... a fantastic Nikon Digital SLR  that I had been coveting for an eternity. My sweetheart is a great present buyer but truly excelled this time, it was the exact camera I had been wishing for. So instead of looking pouty all morning I was stalking the cats, setting up the tripod and losing myself in my new toy. This is one of the shots I captured that morning, Pierre looking adorable. Merry Christmas indeed!