Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Eight Answers

R's Eight Answers

Playing along with Kate of Fox's Lane and her 8 questions, 8 is my favourite number so I thought why not.

Favourite Meal to Eat: Anything made by M, who knows exactly what makes my tastebuds sing, love cheese, mushrooms and a good NZ white.

Do you have a quirky eccentricity?: There is too many to list!

My middle name is: Eliza I feel fortunate that I quite like my middle name. I know loads of people that are not so pleased with theirs.

I am passionate about:  All things vintage.

Thongs or Birkenstocks?: Thongs but certainly not in winter. I have pink Birks for gardening in and will live in my new Keds with cute cats on them or black boots that are so comfy.

Who was I before I had kids?:  I have evolved as a person and grown with my kids.  I had number 1 when I was 18, number 2 at 19 and number 3 at 20. I have been a mother for my whole adult life. So before I had kids I was a year 12 student, who had several part time jobs. I have blossomed into who I currently am with my children.

Have I ever been arrested?: No. My police check needs to be pristine in my line of work.

This weekend I will:  Take my girls to see a theatre to see a puppet show with dark themes, work at my second job (my mental health saviour).  Read more of Salmon fishing on the Yemen, a novel I am reading after joining a local book group. Eat good food with M. Watch my boy play footy and honk the horn at the appropriate time!

The End

More on the recent adventures of Miss R

Signs along the way..

Spotting little signs like this make my heart sing........Fa La laaaaaaa
2 super grey wool blankets, some beautiful but tarnished silver spoons, red knitting needles and a lovely grey coat.
Thank you volunteers for making this possible xxx

Miss R's roadtrip adventures continued

Nat had told me all about this gorgeous homewares store in Hay NSW that I just had to visit. So once I got my head around parking backwards because some, I stress only some towns park tail to curb which is quite ok. It takes a bit to get used to traffic stopping dead in front of you and then reversing back. It really pays not to tailgate people. I went to Hayven and it is Devine!!! The gorgous lady who owns in the store Elle? I am not certain of her name was an angel. We chatted and she and I shared one of those rare moments, the ones which connect you because you shared a story. I informed her I have a friend Nat who told me about her store and had purchased sweet ceramic butterflies from her. I told her how sadly she lost them and all her other precious belongings in a devastating house fire last year.
This beautiful woman selected 3 replacement butterflies and wrapped them for me to give to Nat. 
Thank you Elle/Al for your generosity and display of empathy. 
Hay will forever be a special place because of you.

The recent adventures of Miss R

I have been too busy with life to keep up with writing my blog so here's an overview of recent goings on...  1800km road trip, no not a terribly enthusiastic op shopping adventure but an adventure none the less.
I had not seen my Father for a very long time, I succumbed to an overwhelming desire to go to him. So, Rosie the Rav and I set off on a chilly May morning. My adventure began with a quick visit to a great little community op shop that was filled with the chatting and giggling of islander ladies. I understood none of the dialouge but could not help chuckling along with them while I shopped.
It was a lovely beginning to what turned out to be a gorgeous trip.

This boy has made a comeback playing for his old team after 4 year break to play basket ball.

Footy is inclusive of but not limited to sore knees, hot pies, canteen duty, over zealous parents, takeaway coffees, lessons in horn honking etiquette and training twice a week. Oh and cheering and clapping for "STENCH"

This was a lovely Chiropractic clinic in the town of Orange I couldn't resist photographing for my friend Nat on my way back to Victoria. I almost wanted to feign a neck problem just to get a glimpse inside this beautiful building.  Fortunately for them they were not open that day! I aim to post more photos and ramblings of my journey of  discovery to NSW and a lesson in self reliance very soon.