Monday, September 28, 2009

Go Bogan!!!

Yesterday Holley turned 12 and to celebrate we enjoyed a 'Bogan Bash'. Our guests arrived wearing their finest bogan gear - there was quite a lot of trackie daks, singlets, beanies, mullets, slippers and socks being worn with thongs!
We had a Hong Kong shopper sack race, a thong throwing contest and played pin the mullet on the bogan.  The menu consisted of snags, burgers, noodle and potato salad and plenty of white bread - not a vegetable in sight!!!! We lit the outdoor fire which turned into a show as my father tried to get the fire going by utilising any available materials to assist, unfortunately he found a box of green wet weeds in the vegie patch and preceeded to smoke the whole party out!!! There was so much smoke the detectors inside the house went off! 

The whole day was a huge success and Holley was very pleased with everything. At the conclusion of the evening we had a game of sing star and M & I rocked it out to Queens Bohemian Rhapsody. We say goodbye to birthdays as this week begins, bring on the school holidays!!!! I need a cup of tea and a long lay down.......

Monday, September 21, 2009


The scariest thing is about to happen, my beautiful baby boy is about to enter the teen existence. We celebrated with a "J"party where the birthday boy dressed as none other than "The Joker". We had in attendance Jimmy Bartel, a jelly bean, a juggler, Julia Stone, a Jamaican, a Jockey, Jeremy McGrath, a Jillaroo, a Jehovah's witness and the list goes on...... It was a lovely night for The Joker with his family and friends. At one point he was having a chat with a guest and I looked across at him and for the first time I saw a young man that will shortly become independant, make choices about the direction of his life, have his heart broken, legally drive a car.... It took my breath away to think of all the things that lay in store for my boy. Happy Birthday to The Joker love Julia Stone x x x

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Glorious Barossa

Earlier this year we went over to the Barossa to celebrate a Family birthday albeit belated as it was the only weekend everyone could be in the one place without having to rush away. One party drove across, one flew from Brisbane and the rest flew from Melbourne and hired a car to drive from Adelaide. It was a wonderful weekend. It began with trawling op shops on the way over. My girl is constantly amazed at how I can find them! Pink Tuscan china for $2, golden books and cute beach themed printed glasses.
On the Saturday morning we attended the Barossa Valley farmers market for yummy breakfast rolls and coffee. We stocked up on an assortment of treats such as the pastries from Careme, beautiful handmade chocolates from a very humourous Chocolatier and fresh fruit.
Visits to numerous wineries, secondhand shops, more op shops, a visit to a quilt shop and dining locally filled our lovely weekend which went by so fast.