Wednesday, May 16, 2012

G for Giraffe!!!

Did you know?
Giraffes have elastic blood vessels in their necks, allowing them to bend their neck to the ground and lift it again, without fainting.
Giraffes have only seven vertebrae, the same number as you.
The giraffe sleeps on average only 1.9 hours per day (without becoming manic!)
Did you know I love Giraffes?
I am so very excited to be lucky enough to have a Giraffe encounter next week. You can read all about it here
This is going to be super special, I can just tell!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

May has been mayhem.. so far

Although May has gotten off to a somewhat crapola start,I am hopeful the remainder will be filled with;

PLAY time, really connect - turn off the TV, the phones, computer and the rest of the world for a moment. MAKING of items with yarn and showing GRATITUDE for all things.

And of course SWEET tunes, this  film clip is especially super cute!
Here's hoping I am successful xxx

Monday, May 7, 2012

Wish it weren't so, but it is...

We are sombre here at ours as we have lost a beautiful man in our family, way too early.
It just seems mighty unfair. That's what we feel right now.
He was a vibrant, engaging, warm and loving man. Who luckily crammed so much into this life.  
It makes me think of this song. Fitting for a man who acted as though he knew he wasn't here for a long time, but a good one.... 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

MONA, travel planning and kidney for sale..maybe?


Pav -first

Currently I'm researching a Tasmanian getaway and MONA is on my to do list, for sure. You can stay at Mona in super flash luxury dens on the River Derwent. They are named after Australian architects and artists. They are a bit in the sell a kidney price range.

Each pavilion has a kitchen, wine fridge, wireless touch panels for climate,lighting, and entertainment, wireless internet and personal security camera. And of course a great set of boobs above the bed!!
Charles, Arthur, Sidney and Brett each has a painting by its namesake, as well as antiquities and a collection of ancient coins.
I'm not sure what we'd do with the coin collection?? Dress up in bed sheets and play ancient shopkeepers?
One can dream......oh and we'd take The Brett thanks! 
Take a look for yourself MONA