Wednesday, May 16, 2012

G for Giraffe!!!

Did you know?
Giraffes have elastic blood vessels in their necks, allowing them to bend their neck to the ground and lift it again, without fainting.
Giraffes have only seven vertebrae, the same number as you.
The giraffe sleeps on average only 1.9 hours per day (without becoming manic!)
Did you know I love Giraffes?
I am so very excited to be lucky enough to have a Giraffe encounter next week. You can read all about it here
This is going to be super special, I can just tell!


  1. I know quite strange hey? I most certainly had fun and cant wait to share it with everyone......

  2. What a fabulous image and a great fact list - have fun.

    Nina x

  3. Giraffes are amazing and what excellent and random facts I now know! I'm feeling inspired to make a giraffe themed card me thinks! x