Saturday, May 7, 2011

Quinces, Quinces.... everywhere!

To kick the weekend off my gorgeous friend Em and I made some things from quinces I picked from a loaded quince tree that was offered to me. We rummaged through out  pantries digging out jars to wash, steralise and fill with yummy quince. First we made poached quince with a recipe adapted from Maggie's Harvest cook book to suit our purpose followed by Quince jam with ginger and finally some quince paste.
What a fabulous start to the weekend.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bonfires are fun

Annie enjoying the mulled wine

Sparkler action

Holley enjoying the radiant heat

Last night we had a Bonfire.  We ate lovely food, beginning with the good old hot cob loaf pull apart dippy thing...mmmm cheesy. Then M made an amazing Moroccan Chicken Tajine from the  Jamie does book. There was cider, pumpkin pie and cake. We enjoyed the fire light, had some sparkler craziness drank mulled wine and listened to some sweet chords courtesy of Brock. Come the early morn we bedded down for an old fashioned sleep over. So much fun!!!