Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Miss red legs, Rosie and the Roadie

This week number 3 and I went on a field trip to South Australia. The morning began with a pleasant car drive, unfortunately dotted with millions of locusts that are currently plaguing the region. Rosie the Rav looked very dirty and covered in locust guts! Sweet things came our way once we started our procuring expedition. The first of many op shops yielded some sweet fabrics and an adorable unfinished long forgotten long stitch of a frog. I was impressed with the 50c racks at a church run op shop (often my most favourite as they are non-corporate and offer the best prices) This one had a sizeable magazine collection also which proved good pickings. I am searching for articles to develop my garden to grow winter vegetables in no dig garden beds, so naturally a pile of home magazines came home with us. Lunch was at an alfresco bakery and we were on the road home shortly after. To break the monotony of the return trip we stopped on the roadside and took some photos, purely for the purpose of amusing ourselves. I managed to capture the most beautiful photo of number 3 and we had a gorgeous day together. Thank you Matilda Violet

Monday, April 5, 2010

The only way is up

This girl has been masquerading as my former self at present. Sadly, I haven't been myself  for quite a while. I have been avoiding the world, crippled by my low moods and fears. When I look at this photo I feel for my family and friends because I know that I have been totally unavailable to them. The sparkle in my eyes has been missing and numerous physical complaints have been plaguing me for sometime. I had no idea that how I felt was due to depression. Now that I have accepted treatment, I have a degree of insight and have been able to answer my friends honestly when they ask "How have you been?" One friend chastised me for not calling and letting her know I needed her, but it's difficult to reach out to others when you can't even look in the mirror. It's so important not to ignore the symptoms of depression which can be easily overlooked. Read about it here
My new mantra is the only way is up and it helps when you have those who love you around for support especially cats who love you unconditionally.