Wednesday, May 2, 2012

MONA, travel planning and kidney for sale..maybe?


Pav -first

Currently I'm researching a Tasmanian getaway and MONA is on my to do list, for sure. You can stay at Mona in super flash luxury dens on the River Derwent. They are named after Australian architects and artists. They are a bit in the sell a kidney price range.

Each pavilion has a kitchen, wine fridge, wireless touch panels for climate,lighting, and entertainment, wireless internet and personal security camera. And of course a great set of boobs above the bed!!
Charles, Arthur, Sidney and Brett each has a painting by its namesake, as well as antiquities and a collection of ancient coins.
I'm not sure what we'd do with the coin collection?? Dress up in bed sheets and play ancient shopkeepers?
One can dream......oh and we'd take The Brett thanks! 
Take a look for yourself MONA


  1. I have yet to explore MONA as it opened after I left Tassie but I can't wait to check it out when we move back next month! Tasmania is so beautiful - enjoy your getaway!

  2. Hey Jen,
    I visited when it was just Moorilla Estate at Berriedale. My partner has been to MONA and returned with great review. Tasmania is super and I'm certain we will have an ace time! Thanks for stopping by xx

  3. Definitely sounds expensive haha but hey, just more motivation to become a millionaire one day right? ;)


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