Monday, September 21, 2009


The scariest thing is about to happen, my beautiful baby boy is about to enter the teen existence. We celebrated with a "J"party where the birthday boy dressed as none other than "The Joker". We had in attendance Jimmy Bartel, a jelly bean, a juggler, Julia Stone, a Jamaican, a Jockey, Jeremy McGrath, a Jillaroo, a Jehovah's witness and the list goes on...... It was a lovely night for The Joker with his family and friends. At one point he was having a chat with a guest and I looked across at him and for the first time I saw a young man that will shortly become independant, make choices about the direction of his life, have his heart broken, legally drive a car.... It took my breath away to think of all the things that lay in store for my boy. Happy Birthday to The Joker love Julia Stone x x x

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