Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Miss R's roadtrip adventures continued

Nat had told me all about this gorgeous homewares store in Hay NSW that I just had to visit. So once I got my head around parking backwards because some, I stress only some towns park tail to curb which is quite ok. It takes a bit to get used to traffic stopping dead in front of you and then reversing back. It really pays not to tailgate people. I went to Hayven and it is Devine!!! The gorgous lady who owns in the store Elle? I am not certain of her name was an angel. We chatted and she and I shared one of those rare moments, the ones which connect you because you shared a story. I informed her I have a friend Nat who told me about her store and had purchased sweet ceramic butterflies from her. I told her how sadly she lost them and all her other precious belongings in a devastating house fire last year.
This beautiful woman selected 3 replacement butterflies and wrapped them for me to give to Nat. 
Thank you Elle/Al for your generosity and display of empathy. 
Hay will forever be a special place because of you.

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