Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Eight Answers

R's Eight Answers

Playing along with Kate of Fox's Lane and her 8 questions, 8 is my favourite number so I thought why not.

Favourite Meal to Eat: Anything made by M, who knows exactly what makes my tastebuds sing, love cheese, mushrooms and a good NZ white.

Do you have a quirky eccentricity?: There is too many to list!

My middle name is: Eliza I feel fortunate that I quite like my middle name. I know loads of people that are not so pleased with theirs.

I am passionate about:  All things vintage.

Thongs or Birkenstocks?: Thongs but certainly not in winter. I have pink Birks for gardening in and will live in my new Keds with cute cats on them or black boots that are so comfy.

Who was I before I had kids?:  I have evolved as a person and grown with my kids.  I had number 1 when I was 18, number 2 at 19 and number 3 at 20. I have been a mother for my whole adult life. So before I had kids I was a year 12 student, who had several part time jobs. I have blossomed into who I currently am with my children.

Have I ever been arrested?: No. My police check needs to be pristine in my line of work.

This weekend I will:  Take my girls to see a theatre to see a puppet show with dark themes, work at my second job (my mental health saviour).  Read more of Salmon fishing on the Yemen, a novel I am reading after joining a local book group. Eat good food with M. Watch my boy play footy and honk the horn at the appropriate time!

The End

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