Friday, January 7, 2011

2011- Does it really have to be called "The Year of the Rabbit?"

Look at that! How quickly did Christmas and New Year roll around? It felt like a whirlwind blew through. So much so, that I can't bring myself to take the Christmas tree down yet.
Let's get on to The Year of the Rabbit. During the Christmas blur, M,14, 13, 11 &  I were having a BBQ with the NT friends. There was a rather traumatic incident with our friends big dog and our pet Rabbits. Score being Dog 1, Rabbit 0. So there is a slight painful association with the Chinese Year of the Rabbit at ours.However,
we have enjoyed a lovely time catching up with family and friends over the festive season.

These things were awesome:
  •  A visit here 
  •  Celebrating my sister's birthday
  •  Cousins sleep over
  •  Romantic 2 day child-free getaway to Melbourne
  •  Exploring Piper St, Kyneton (ah child- freeee!)
  •  AWESOME presents ( I DID get Pip's new book,thanks to Fine & Sunny
  •  Time to myself to begin an embroidery project from my book 
  •  Beautiful food and wine
  •  Finding a gorgeous pair of shoes here that fit my big    feet YAY!
  •  Painting at Caledonia St (I made a great team leader)
  •  Driving home with 14 as my DJ, the same Hip Hop song 16 times made us laugh alot
So I guess The Year of the Rabbit isn't so bad after all......

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