Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Craziness

So it's nearly here. Don't you just love the "Are you organised for Christmas?" question. It seems to be the only time of year when complete strangers express concern for the level of our organisation. To avoid a twenty minute conversation about the complete lack of anything remotely like organisation going on in my life, I reply rather meekly and politely  that it's "Going well, thank you for enquiring."
The honest truth would actually sound a little like this.  Wellllll.............The kids have some presents, the marvellous M has possibly far too many, the dining room is my work area with a wrapping, stamping and tag writing station as well as many works in progress...The cute as bunting for a favourite boy, a key thingy for a workmate, a pair of jeans that need urgent repair for a friend.  I still haven't unpacked from the Craft Up @ Artback, I have yet to bag up hair accessories for my neice and I am constantly trying to keep all things Christmas away from Pierre and The Baby. Add to the list planned drinks and catch ups, a Christmas party, 2 night duties, friends in town from Alice Springs and we are going away in 4 days!
I have managed to only experience one major meltdown.........o.k two meltdown's this week. 
Meltdown #1- A little background on the lead up to paint the picture; I have started a tradition (which is important to me that I maintain as I am particularly inconsistent with stuff at times) of MAKING each family member an individualised Bon-Bon to snap open at Christmas lunch.  Finding appropriate things to fit inside a cardboard tube the size of a toilet roll is not that easy.  Anyhow I have eveyone's BB gifts sorted, that correct amount of cracker pulls, crepe paper, printed labels etcetera.  That is early morning phonecall from the host of Christmas wonderful Mother in Law (sincerely & honestly) to say she had a few orphans joining us for lunch, possibly 6!!
There was a small 3 way conversation between M , the MIL and I about adding extra BB's for the newly aquired guests and going to one of the many $2 shops around to source extra BB's.
Ten minutes later I found myself sobbing in the bath, crying big salty tears into the bubbles and blubbering that I go to so much effort...BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! I ended up having a shower to calm down and  sleeping for 3 hours after my tantrum. 
Note: The catalyst for my irrational thinking and behaviour may have been due to a sleep depravation. Sleeping 3 hours in 48 is far from recommended.

My amazing MIL and I spoke yesterday, she was calling to say the orphans had been promptly re-accommodated to Christmas lunch elsewhere and she was hoping "we" were Ok.  I informed her I was delerious, irrational, hormonal and wanted to punch my own head in! 
I think most of us need a disclaimer at some time or another in December don't we?
My brain hurts too much after re-living that to write about meltdown #2, another time....maybe.

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