Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dimanche (Sunday)

This morning I have been meandering around the blogosphere, these are some of the places I've happened upon;
A list of what not to do in the name of self preservation

This blog Fine & Sunny , who are up for a bit of skirt.

Gazing at Florence and getting super excited about seeing her later this year

Checking out the hardware in preparation for restoring Clementine the bond wood caravan, planning in progress for stage 1 next weekend!!

Making certain the long awaited New Girl with the beautiful Zooey Deschanel is on tonight, I will check it out when I get home from work

Enjoy your dimanche après-midi (sunday afternoon) x


  1. What a fabulously well timed post. I have printed the article on self preservation and I'm giving a copy to my parents later on today...we had a bit of a melt down on Friday and a lot of the conclusions we came to centred around things mentioned in the articlem, especially being hung up on the past, fear of mistake and taking everything for granted! Loving the bit of skirt too! I really must make myslf some skirts! have a lovely afternoon xx

  2. LDB, that article resonates for many folks I think, anything we can do to increase our emotional intelligence can only serve to enrich us as people. Small changes can make a big difference, if we say them and follow through by doing them. Those skirts are even lovelier in the 'flesh'. Take care xx