Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Journals, how many does one need?

Since I haven't been regularly blogging I have found myself writing in my paper journals more often.  I do have a funny system of journalling going on. I seem to be running 4 at once!

1. Has a day to day thoughts, current events one, that never leaves the house. I don't doodle in it or glue pretty pictures. It's just paper, ink and words.

2. The one I carry around, it has old concert tickets, pictures, photos, drawings and a myriad of random thoughts inside....this one has been around the longest and is nearing full.

3. Holds the plans, measurements, inspirational pictures and agenda items for the loving restoration of Clementine my Bond wood caravan.

4. The final one is the secretive sweary one where I can say whatever without feeling like ooopps! Did I write that naughty word next to that pretty picture?

Random system I know but it seems to work.

1 comment:

  1. You can never have enough journals!
    I have a collection of around ten! :)
    Follow eachother's blogs?

    Much love, Vivi