Thursday, April 7, 2011

Home -Bless this nest

To say this week has been fraught with emotion, would be the understatement of the year.  When I was growing up I thought being a teenager was one of the most awful times. Turns out I was wrong....being the parent of a teen is! We have been in struggle city this week. There has been a missing child, meetings with teachers, tears, tantrums, anger and awkward silences.  The key to getting through I have found is rising above it all and holding onto the thought that it can't last forever....GULP! Has anyone got a tissue?

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  1. Hang in are not alone even if it feels like it sometimes. This is when you realise how "perfect" other peoples lives seem - and you start to question everything you have done. I also have 3 teenagers and I absolutely agree is the hardest time so far. It really will get better. I wish I could give your hand a big squeeeeeeeeze from one Mum to another. sue