Monday, April 18, 2011

Just like you

With the all turbulance we are experiencing at home lately, it has forced me to reflect on my own teenage years. There were insecurities, tears, tantrums and feelings of angst.  I had a lovely dinner with a friend and her gorgeous little family at Boho in Adelaide on Wednesday night.  We were laughing and chatting about the perils of being a teen and how complex it can feel.  We were a foursome, her and I along with two girls that were sisters. We made up silly songs, had completely distasteful nicknames for people and shared so much.

Then disaster struck....we had a fight, we weren't talking, there was no more laughter only tears, mean words and diary entries with hopeless and helpless themes.  We continued on through senior high school but we had drifted apart. I remember feeling such a heavy loss, but little did I know she also felt the same.

Many years have passed and we are in contact regularly and I adore her. I have celebrated her engagement, pregnancy, the birth of her son and funnily enough it wasn't until dinner last week that we talked about that time! She said she also felt loss but didn't know how to fix it. So when I came across the open book project, I thought it was fantastic for today's teens to be able to know that yep, we were just like you once.
I wonder where my diary from that time ended up?

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