Saturday, October 15, 2011

Everybody say.......yay it's Saturday!!

       This is how to spend Saturday afternoon!

                             Watch this sweet film

Set about looking for crafty ideas to inspire me for handmade Christmas.

How to sew a book bag accompanying image

I thought this book bag would be great

make a to do list for our road trip on Monday we are going here

              and looking forward to a break away!


  1. that book bag looks super cute :) I've been trying to think of xmas pressie ideas lately and quite fancied making some collectors bags for the kids to pick up and collect shells, sticks bits and bobs when they are out adventuring. It could have a pocket for a little journal to scribbe field notes in too.
    Enjoy your trip! x

  2. Hey Lisa, bags are such a versatile pressie. I love your idea of collectors bags as little peoples' pockets are often stacked full of treasures! I think journal keeper bags would work for the older kids just as well. About to head off to Radelaide now! x Renea