Monday, October 10, 2011

1000 journals

 Today I've watched the documentary 1000 journals project, it is so cool that it started with one Someguy (that is his name, I didn't forget!) who had an idea and has touched people all across the world.

It got me thinking what would I write? How much of it would be filled? Would I reveal something to the world in it? Or just draw a picture?

I find writing in a new journal is overwhelming, all those empty white pages are needing your thoughts, feelings and experiences to fill them. It takes a while to get used to I guess.
I'm off to write in my journal and have a cup of tea


  1. I have the book, but I did'nt realise there was a documentary about it!. I must check it out. The book is really interesting and it got me thinking too about what I would write or draw on a page. I used to keep a visual journal, which was purely full of doodles, sketches, tickets etc with very few words and the more you get used to it you learn to convey alot with a simple picture. I always found the best way to start a new book is to makes marks on the pages, like a wash of watercolour. Nerw crisp books can be so daunting!. anyways, nice to "meet" you, take care, lisa

  2. I've never seen that documentary, thanks for sharing. I love journaling and yes, I feel the same way when I get a new one. Then as soon as I start writing and my thoughts start flowing it's a go! Hope you enjoyed your tea :-)

  3. Thanks LDB & Lisa C for commenting I really appreciate it. I have been getting into some unadulterated journal writing this week thanks to the doco. So inspired!! As for the tea Lisa lovely as always xx