Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Full Tummies

This week we have eaten some beautiful food. With so much fresh produce available it is hard to believe some folk don't eat fruit and vegies everyday. The lovely M knocked up some pizza dough and we crafted some good old homemade pizzas. Inspired by the fabulous boys at FOR THE LOVE OF PIZZA, I wanted to re-create the gustatory experience I had tasted called the Brocky, which was an awesome broccoli pizza. I know broccoli is hardly the first vegie you'd reach into the crisper and say "I am going to smash out a great pizza with this little beauty, but it really worked.  After searching the supermarket for an hour for Talegio cheese and becoming convinced that I live in Rwanda because I asked the girl in the deli and her reply was "Nup, never heard of it and I have worked in two supermarkets" like I was making up some random cheese for the fun of it. Anyway no go on the Talegio but I made do with some beautiful blue cheese instead. It was so yummy. We had loads of dough left over so the next day the lovely M knocked up two fabulous Calzones.  They were filled with roast pumpkin, spinach and cheese and were loosely modelled on Jamie Olivers version of a Calzone. Mmmmm, the result was full tummies.

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