Sunday, July 11, 2010

Book, Books, Books

I love books. There are many titles in my home, I ask for books for my Birthday and I sift through shelves upon shelves at op shops ever hopeful I will happen upon something that strikes me. Borders is Mecca for the book lover. I want to open the pages of the books on the shelves and smell the delicious scent of pristine unread page. An urge I often experience whilst in Borders is to put a pile of books on the carpet in a thick layer and lay down and flap my arms and legs to create a "Book Angel" on the floor. However I do want to be able to shop there, so I refrain from doing this.
Council libraries prove to be a heavenly escape from my busy days. Libraries are quiet places where one can nourish ones soul in text, pages, spines and cataloge number stickers. Blissful.
I have always fancied joining a book group but had not until recently. I am now a very proud member of a Book Club....(lets out a little squeal of delight).  My lovely librarian had told me of the first meeting date, which unfortunately fell on an extremely busy day for me. Number 3's school held their Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program Community Meeting earlier that day and as a consequence I made a late entrance to the first meeting. Alas I was not arriving late empty handed, I had some food to share! We decided on reading this for our first book. Insipring end to a very busy day. Sigh..

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