Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tell us a yarn! A yarn tree that is!

Our yarn tree!

A bit of tree hugging, to check if it was a bit warmer in those woollies!


Cloudy car craft on the way home

This is what we got up to last week,we made a yarn tree! The 2 of the 3 teens joined in as well as the lovely M. We selected this tree from a line up of  thousands. The attachment of the yarn was completed to Rammstein (teens music, my ipod?) blaring across empty paddocks, needless to say the tree was completed quickly, we were feeling pumped!
The whoosh of traffic going by were tooting, they obviously like trees to be warm too. 
We've also done some shopping, warmed up with chai lattes,got cracking on some custom 
t-shirt making and watched Offspring on DVD.

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  1. I love that tree, it really brightened our trip up, thank you for making it!