Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Quick sticks - Let's make a sweet treat

Grandmas make it, young peeps learning the art of  creating culinary delights make it and yesterday I felt compelled to make it too. 
It's good old not-many-ingredients-not-much-time-I-can't-wait-for-cooling-down-Hedgehog!           

Boy it hit just the spot yesterday for afternoon tea. Sure beats eating an apple! We made short work of half the tray, popped the left overs in the fridge and sent plates home with our mates. I'm thankful it wasn't here when I woke as it's maybe not the best breakfast food going.....
There are 5 ingredients:
250g packet of arrowroot or Marie biscuits
1/2 cup coconut
4 tbs Cocoa
1 x tin condensed milk
50 g butter
Smash up the biscuits, combine dry ingredients, pour in condensed milk and melted butter mix it well. Pop into a slice dry and squish it all down nicely. I use icing sugar, milk, butter and cocoa in the icing I can't state quantities as I go by feel. Spread the icing on top allow to chill for 2 hours(if you can wait that long!) then slice into generous portions and enjoy with a pot of Earl Grey. Bon appetit cherie!

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  1. drool! I love condensed milk, I used to steal some out of the tin when my dad used to make fudge...yum! (definately does beat eatin apples!!)