Friday, February 17, 2012

Go on...let me see ya shake those tail feathers!!

Just putting it out there my friends... Burlesque is HOT! On the Melbourne micro-break I decided that visiting this bar to be titillated (pun most definitely intended!), astounded and amazed would be fun on Valentines night.

BOY was I right! The smell of anticipation was more intoxicating than the beautiful cocktails. It was fantastic and oh my stars, very sexy indeed. I've wanted to see Burlesque, now I have. Tick that one off the list... be still my beating heart!


  1. Hot is the word! I haven't seen a show, but I love seeing all of the images and hearing about the style. Dita being the queen of the scene.

    Thanks for stopping by too. I haven't visited your blog before and I really like it here! x

  2. It is beautiful and sultry for sure. Treat yourself to a show some time. Dita is stunning and certainly has done a lot for modern Burlesque. Thanks for coming to visit and leaving nice comments xx