Saturday, January 14, 2012

Absent without a note from an adult...

Sheeeesh talk about taking a break from my blog!! This place has been well and truly neglected.  Unfortunately I got sick right in the busy lead up to Christmas. I am the worst patient ever (so too are many of my nursing colleagues) however, I endured 7 days in bed without M putting the pillow over my face and ending it once and for all!! I watched more programs on the laptop than I have time to mention in a 7 day marathon of tissues, pots of tea, natural remedies as well as good 'ol Frosty Fruits.
Doctor = ANTIBIOTICS X 2 my friends, that sorted it!
I survived and launched into furious Christmas preparations, Advent calendar making, outdoor lighting display, crafting presents......
Just like that, Christmas came and went in a flurry of activity.

I will be back more regularly from now on, pinkie promise xx

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  1. oh dear! Glad your on the mend now! Christmas is nuts enough without being ill...I fell mega ill last year on new years eve and was a pretty bad patient too. Being ill in the holidays sucks..bit mostly being ill with little kids around..aggh